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Russian Anabolic Stimulators Found in New Formula Help "Genetically Average"  Weightlifters Gain up to 18 Pounds of Lean Muscle in 14 Days...

Drop Cap ow you can increase lean muscle synthesis (muscle growth) by an average of 6 percent in just 10 days    without  adding fat — thanks to a revolutionary new lean-mass-stimulating "stack" called  Monster Mix . 

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"I'm Gains I'm Seeing Are OFF THE CHAIN!"

"The gains I'm seeing with Monster MixJeff are OFF THE CHAIN! With other supplements I've used, it was hard to notice much of a difference. You thought maybe it was working, but you really couldn't tell. It's totally different with Monster Mix.

"This is the first supplement I've used where you could really notice a difference. When people at the gym are asking what I'm doing different, that's when it really hits you. This stuff is the REAL DEAL." 

—Jeff Kenney, Thornton, CO

"I Gained 15 Solid Pounds of Muscle Mass in a Month"

"I've never really been much of aDave supplement user. But when I recently heard about how Monster Mix works and read the results of the scientific studies and feedback from other people who have used this product, I figured I better give this stuff a try.

"To my surprise, after a month on Monster Mix, I put on 15 solid pounds of muscle mass and when I work out, my muscles get so pumped, they almost feel like they're going to explode!"

—Dave Adams, Columbia, MO

"I've Gained 7 Pounds of Muscle in 10 Days"

"I will continue to use Monster MixJohn because of the incredible results I've seen in lean mass. I'm already on my third tub of the stuff and have put on a total of around 25 pounds of muscle while actually dropping my bodyfat percentage by 5 points. I recommend this product to everyone who asks me what my program is."

— John Barnes, Portland, OR

"Increased My Bench by 55 Pounds in 30 Days"

"I'm on my second month using MonsterJack Mix, and it really does work! I've got mass like never before. I've added over 20 pounds of muscle and increased my bench press by 50 pounds in the two months I've been using it. It's totally outrageous!

"Can't wait to see what the next two months bring. Thanks for developing such an incredible supplement."

-Jack Blanco, Medford, NY 

Instead of following the same path as other "lean mass stimulators" and "weight gain" powders that offer hundreds and sometimes even thousands of unnecessary calories that eventually lead to unwanted increases in bodyfat, Monster Mix is actually low in calories.

Conventional lean-mass stimulators offer little more than gut-busting amounts of calories, moderate protein intakes, and insignificant quantities of metabolic intermediaries. Shovel-size scoops of powder, with thousands of calories, do not mean more lean body mass — but it can mean more bodyfat.

Serious weight-training athletes don't want to gain fat weight. They want to gain lean body mass — muscular and strong weight. Mega calories and protein overflows only slightly influence the factors that regulate lean body mass and muscle-protein synthesis.  

 Now It's Your Turn

Drop Cap act: The most potent stimulators of fat-free mass are zero-calorie molecules with direct or indirect actions: clenbuterol and other beta-agonists, anabolic steroids, insulin and IGF's, and growth hormone, to name a few.

Many of these anabolic agents are effective even on low-calorie diets. However, side effects and legal concerns prevent many individuals from taking these drugs, leaving a gap in the search for a true lean body mass promoter.

Monster Mix was designed to fill this gap without filling fat stores and offers an advanced, university-tested formula that supports lean body mass in weight-training athletes.

The unique biochemical matrix of clinically proven Russian metabolic intermediates rhodiola rosea extract, tongkat ali root, deer antler powder, and tribulus terrestris (45% extract), along with creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine, L-arginine, octacosanol, ZMA, and alpha lipolic acid, found in Monster Mix was designed to markedly increase muscle size and strength by optimizing testestorone levels, increasing nitric oxide, reinforcing cell volume, and increasing muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

What's more, the low-calorie nutrient matrix in Monster Mix utilizes a propietary Branched-Chain Amino Acid Complex — a select formulation of high-quality whey and casein proteins with a reduced-lactose content, combined with moderate quantities of slow-release carbohydrates, providing a true lean mass stimulator, rather than an enormous calorie load that can favor fat synthesis and storage.

Each serving of Monster Mix also provides high levels of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and glucosamine, and EFAs (essentinal fatty acids) to support optimal muscle and joint recovery.

Monster Mix's precision-controlled blend of macronutrients, cell volumizers, and metabolic intermediates is combined with a superior flavor and taste, without the bloating and bulge that comes with taking in thousands of unnecessary calories.

Monster Mix redefines the meaning of weight-gain powders, offering maximum, lean body mass stimulating, scientific technology with minimum calories intake — another new direction in muscle metabolism from the researchers at Applied Nutritional Research.  

 Monster Mix Research

Drop Cap pen up a copy of FLEX magazine, and you're bombarded with ads for muscle-growth supplements endorsed by professional bodybuilders, who attribute their freaky 300-pound physiques to the supplement they've been paid to endorse.

Do these companies really think we're stupid?

Anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature knows these freaks inject such an extreme cocktail of steroids, HGH, clenbuterol, and insulin that it'd be virtually impossible to attribute any increases in muscle size and strength to any one supplement. 

Instead of paying some juiced-up pro bodybuilder to sing the praises of Monster Mix, we'll let the real-life testimonials, and scientific research, speak for themselves:

6 Percent More Muscle Research recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that 40 experienced weight-training athletes supplementing with the metabolic intermediaries in Monster Mix experienced a 6% increase in lean muscle mass within just 10 days.

Muscle Hypertrophy Human test subjects supplementing with the anabolic agents in Monster Mix showed marked increases in muscle protein synthesis and hypertrophy (muscle growth), greater back muscle strength, better coordination, and improved recovery ability.

Testosterone   Recent research out of Russia shows Monster Mix's biochemical matrix had a profound effect on activating lutenizing hormons in the body, which in turn signaled testosterone production  by as much as 440%.

Human Growth Hormone A separate study recently carried out in Russia showed Monster Mix's biochemical matrix  helped increase the muscle strength and mass of Russian athletes, while speeding their recovery time from exercise, by naturally increasing levels of IGF-1 (growth hormone) and testosterone.

Monster Mix: 17 Proven Bodybuilding Supplements All In One Powerful Formula

 Monster Mix Compare

Monster Mix vs. Other Supplements

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of bodybuilding supplements on the market. How do you know which ones actually work? SIMPLE. Look at the science.  Unlike other products backed by nothing but marketing hype and steroid-bloated professional bodybuilders, Monster Mix is backed by university research. 

A recent study published in the  British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that 40 experienced weight-training athletes supplementing with the metabolic intermediaries in Monster Mix experienced a 6% increase in lean muscle mass within just 10 days..

A separate study out of Russia shows Monster Mix's biochemical matrix had a profound effect on activating lutenizing hormones in the body, which in turn signaled testosterone production by as much as 440%.

Monster Mix Results 

You'll Gain Pounds of Lean Muscle Mass and Slash Stubborn Bodyfat, Or It's FREE!

Drop Cap ow here's a deal you simply can't refuse. We're so confident Monster Mix will help you make greater gains in muscle size and strength faster than you've ever experienced with any other supplement, that's we're putting our money where our mouth is. We've giving you a 30-day no-risk opportunity to "test drive" this new lean-mass stimulator, and then judge for yourself how much size and strength you gain.

If you're not absolutely amazed by how much Monster Mix helps increase your bodybuilding gains, you'll receive a complete refund of your purchase price — you risk absolutely nothing! (Obviously, we feel very strongly about the effectiveness of this product, or we wouldn't even make an offer like this because we'd lose money!)

Make no mistake, when you shop with us, you can shop with confidence and peace of mind. Each order is protected by our 100% Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee. You must be satisfied, or you don’t pay a penny. You’ll get a full, prompt, and courteous refund upon request.

We only charge your credit card once, and there are no recurring charges .

Monster Mix Guarantee


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